Wayne Ellis. (Image courtesy Karen Cougan)
Wayne Ellis. (Image courtesy Karen Cougan)


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My aim is to better inform you about the services we provide and any new and informative health and personal growth articles we come across. We provide articles on health related issues and cutting edge discoveries as well as our own insights and information to empower people to move into the space where they feel empowered.

Empowering others empowers yourself.

Empowering yourself empowers others.

Please enjoy the journey.



 My new book

Kissing the Black Dog  – Creative Solutions for Depression, Anxiety and Other Stress Related Conditions

is now available

National (Australia)


What People are saying about the book:

Started reading this book with some hope of learning some coping skills when life gets tough. Once started, I couldn’t put the book down. So very interesting with obviously so much detailed and documented research done by the author, which reflects in the wealth of information page after page. This topic is sensitively covered in such a meaningful and sincerely caring way, that it captivated me from beginning to end. Having read the book more than once, illustrates to me, that there is so much information to learn and build on. It really needs to be handy for those “times of need” Great well written book by an energetic and compassionate person who is dedicated to getting the facts right. Thanks very much again Wayne for your highly researched and well written book. It will help so many people. 

Todd Turner-Sow -Sydney – NSW

Thank you Wayne -your book has blown me away – it has turned a light on & given hope for a new direction

Maggie S – Caloundra -Qld

Wow Wayne, just finished my second reading of Kissing the Black Dog, and am wondering how you fit so much into 144 pages?

Mike Ginther – USA (www.MikeGintherLive.com)






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Wayne helped me move from playing with bamboo swords to playing with the real thing
Brenton Lindley
Reading the first page, I was in tears. I’m thinking, or maybe i should say, I’m feeling and resonating with your written words’]
Oh this was a wonderful class when I attended years ago I still have and use the manuals. You are a gift with kinesiology my friend.]]