Wayne Ellis. (Image courtesy Karen Cougan)
Wayne Ellis. (Image courtesy Karen Cougan)

About Wayne

While i find it easy to talk about the subjects i am passionate about, a friend recently pointed out i don’t always talk about myself. Touch of introvert showing, i guess.

Starting with Louise L. Hay’s  book You Can Heal Your Life  the journey has taken many twists and turns.

Beginning with the basic physically based kinesiology’s, the journey continually redirected me to the mental/emotional/ spiritual realms. While the physical is still important to many, the real growth occurs when we move to the world of frequency and vibrations, the intangible world of thought  and feelings.

The wise ones have always known this, our mechanistic world view blinded us the deeper aspects of human awareness.

My Kinesiology journey began in 1989 when I took my first Touch for Health class. Along the way I studied many other forms of kinesiology and became an instructor in several as well as obtaining two Massage Diplomas.

Motivational Kinesiology was developed in 1994, to best express the simplest and most efficient way to empower people.

Meditation, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Esoteric healing, Massage, Quantum Physics, Energy Healing and many other techniques and concepts coloured my thinking and assisted me to develop my own skill set.

In 1990 I opened The Focus Point , a health clinic in Newcastle. It was sold in 1994 when the move was made to Queensland and  the establishment of Glasshouse Kinesiology.

In recent years my  Simply Love It technique has been developed and refined to fast-track clients  in achieving their goals.

Love always precedes success and wealth. Always. 

Today I use a combination of my Motivational Kinesiology and the more recent Simply Love It tools to bring out the best in my clients. The beauty of a multi-proved approach is it allows the freedom to work anywhere with anyone in the world, simply and effectively. From sitting in a coffee shop, to connecting through modern electronic media to one on one time in the client my skill set is versatile and effective where ever I need to work with a client.

I love to spend time in nature, photographing or just benefiting from the healing power on mother nature herself. Most of the photos’s used on the site are my own. Spending time walking on the beach or paddling on the river especially in the afterglow of the day always brings a level of pleasure.


Over the last few years i have written, and self published three books:

Silent Sentinels – A guide to the Glasshosue Mountains

A Guide to the Bunya Mountains

Kissing the Black Dog – Creative Solutions to Depression, Anxiety and Other Stress Related Conditions




  • Private consultations on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
  • National/International consultations via phone/internet/Skype
  •  Courses, Training and Lectures
  • Public Speaking