Motivational Kinesiology

The more i read on Yoga, ancient knowledge and the mystery schools the more it sounds like the concepts behind Motivational Kinesiology. I guess common sense is ageless. Created in 1997 Motivational Kinesiology helps to get to the core of many issues and resolve them. It also helps people become aware of their unwillingness to change and the many hidden […]

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Discipline, Focus or Willpower

Most people who study or research success or personal  growth soon discover the power of discipline to be one of the key contributing factors. The power of follow through, the commitment to staying the distance is a key driver for those who rise to the top of their profession or sport, or achieve the level of personal growth that they aspire to. […]

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Grief, Forgiveness and Neck Pain

Grief has a terrible effect on many people. To loose a child would be heartbreaking, but their are many other forms of lose that have the same effect. For some it is a pet, their job, a relationship, moving house or leaving where they grew up. The lose of innocence, the inability to live up or down to other people’s […]

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Depression or Emotional Immaturity

We tend to be quick to grab for the magic silver bullet, the wide range of anti- depressants, from alcohol, recreational and prescribed drugs to deal the emotional, mental pain we suffer.

How often do ask the simple question, what am i really feeling?

What we assume to be depression , anxiety and a host of other labelled conditions may be more […]

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Failure is an opportunity to discover your truth. Insights for Entrepreneurs.

A recent article (A good case against entrepreneurship – Willem Gous) mentioned nine out of ten entrepreneurs and start ups fail.

Sit with those figures for a moment.

If you are a betting person they are not good odds. If you were in battle, that is a ninety percent kill rate of your troops.

Even with this outrageously insane failure rate newbies are […]

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Depression and Anxiety – What You Do Makes a Difference

At the turn of the 20th Century the Aristotle/ Newton/ Descarte mechanistic world view took a sword to the heart. Quantum Physics stepped onto the world stage and so began the re-awakening. Researchers are discovering what was already known by advanced civilisations from the past.

Depression and anxiety treatment is caught in this global thought side alley. Reducing a problem into smaller and smaller […]

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Inspiration is a Choice

A short Adobe Spark presentation. Click and scroll down when it loads.

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Thriving in 2017 Part 2

Last week I covered the importance of oxygen and breathing. See previous post

This week I cover another ingredient to wellness.


Water is more important than food. The body is a hydro- electric system. We need to not only drink plenty of clean energised water, it is more important to absorb it. Public water is loaded with toxins. Respected scientific publications now report fluoride is a neuro-toxin. It must be […]

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Thriving in 2017

Another year is behind us, a new one beginning. Opportunities and threats will arise in the coming year. There are some decisions we can make to advance our cause, and some things that we have no control over.

The illusionary financial system and its layers upon layers of lies and mistruths is a house of cards that will fall, the when is the […]

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Another Perspective on Bullying

All great spirits met violent opposition from mediocre minds 
Albert Einstein
Being bullied can lead some to suicide or other forms of self harm. Negative self image, self criticism, a not good enough belief system can all stem from being bullied.

What if people treat us the way we feel about ourselves? What if we vibrate the message, I feel powerless?

It was Nikola […]

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