When Being Called A Witch is a Positive

I have a client who has tread a very difficult path. The mental health system was not the best option for her and finally after reading Kissing the Black Dog  she contacted me.  Some people are fine with that system, it was not suitable for this incredible woman.

This amazing person went from being suicidal to getting back in the driver’s […]

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Kissing the Black Dog – Depression/Anxiety or  Are You Feeling Powerless

So many people are on anti-depessants which treat symptoms not causes. Research shows depression and it’s mate, anxiety both have their roots in an unhealthy body and negative thinking. Many sufferers like to blame a myriad of other issues, instead of improving their health and changing their thinking.

As a society we have become soft and unwilling to step out of […]

What is your WHY?

Many people are more than content to pass through life severing considering the BIG questions, Others spend their lives looking for the meaning behind the meaning of their lives. The pursuit of understanding is a deep mysterious rabbit hole with many dead ends. Much of the knowledge is of an intellectual orientation, without true life experience to validate it.

I sat […]

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When Things Go Wrong

Life has a funny way of challenging us to grow, to toughen up and deal with the challenges and blocks that stop our forward movement. The real truth is it is our own false beliefs and limitations that hinder our potential to succeed. All those little set backs, all the negative reinforcement from others we take to be true are […]

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MK One – 21st April 2018

This is the first Mk course for 2018. Looking forward to sharing lots of useful skills with eager students.

Course details on this link Motivational Kinesiology 1

Where: Glasshouse Mountains Neighbourhood Centre – near the Post Office

Cost: $150

Time: 9am to 5pm 21st April

Bring your own lunch or food is available at the local shops.

Grab  friend and come and learn ways to unlock your […]

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The Lies That Bind

Lies is a small word that brings about some pretty Big reactions. We all engage in the Art of Deception for a multitude of reasons, the most common is to avoid getting in trouble or dealing with other people’s reaction – sometimes violent.

Everyone knows that politicians are bent, bankers are criminals, the list goes on. But what about us? What […]

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Cognitive Discordance/ Physiological Reversal/ Unwillingness

Within all of us is an inability or resistance to change. For some it is small and not really a block to our personal development. To others it is a massive ball of negative energy, ruling and controlling our lives. When we let cognitive discordance, or as it is better known unwillingness or stubbornness into the driver seat, failure will […]

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Depressed or do you need a good drink?

Depression is a symptom of dehydration. Research indicates that at least 80 named diseases are actually symptoms of dehydration.

As summer arrives in the southern hemisphere and the north begins to freeze over our attention should be turning to how well hydrated we are. Yes in cold weather drinking mineralised alkaline rich water is as important as it is on a […]

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Breathing – a way to help to destress.

Yoga devotees know the power of breathing as it is a key factor in improving or bettering our health. wellness and mental function.

Some current scientific research is now validating what was already known.

There is a link between cognitive  function and  nasal breathing
Nasal Breathing leads to nitrous oxide  (Happy Gas) production
Nasal breathing acts as a filter and delivers […]

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Recognition – The Art of Praise

Click to watch this amazing 12 yer old sing

Why is it we find it easier to put people down than build them up? Recognition or praise is a gift, an appreciation that everyone offers something to the world.

In the video attached watch the 12 year old girl got when she reserves a standing ovation for her song. How would have […]

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