Yoga devotees know the power of breathing as it is a key factor in improving or bettering our health. wellness and mental function.

Some current scientific research is now validating what was already known.

  1. There is a link between cognitive  function and  nasal breathing
  2. Nasal Breathing leads to nitrous oxide  (Happy Gas) production
  3. Nasal breathing acts as a filter and delivers air to the lungs in a more controlled way
  4. Anxiety can be managed with controlled, mindful or active breathing
  5. Breathing in encodes and regulates memories and regulates emotions
  6. Nasal Breathing controls brain signals and alters our cognition. It is beneficial for our nervous system
  7. Controlling the out breathe calms part of our nervous system, slows the heart beat and reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress.

Taking time to actively or consciously breathe  is well known to clear our heads, slow the body down and help us be in control. For more information on breathing please check out these links.

Motivational Kinesiology Level Two has a correction for reducing stress for those with problems in this area.  When correcting using MK we always look for the three key stress factors and correct at the appropriate level.

Motivational Kinesiology Level Two

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