MK One – 21st April 2018

This is the first Mk course for 2018. Looking forward to sharing lots of useful skills with eager students.

Course details on this link Motivational Kinesiology 1

Where: Glasshouse Mountains Neighbourhood Centre – near the Post Office

Cost: $150

Time: 9am to 5pm 21st April

Bring your own lunch or food is available at the local shops.

Grab  friend and come and learn ways to unlock your […]

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Inspiration is a Choice

A short Adobe Spark presentation. Click and scroll down when it loads.

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Starting the Healing Journey

Many people when confronted with poor health are unsure what to do or where to start. They listen to all the advice from the all sides of the health divide.

Some points are fairly common and are practical steps one can take.
Drink more water and make it a healthy “living” water. Tap water is loaded with so many toxic chemicals these […]

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We All Make Mistakes

We tend to be a bit precious about making mistakes or being wrong. Takers, the psychopaths, sociopaths etc are particularly sensitive in this area.

Mistakes happen, it is the way we deal with it that decides the outcome. When we lack the courage to face up we continue to be broadsided by own own fears.  It seems it is  a society thing. […]

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Is It Time To Take A Break????

So often when we are stressed or over focussed on something in our lives the best solution may be to take a break. Go do something else or take a short holiday so you can clear your head, relax and have time to gain a different perspective.

Drugs, alcohol and food are probably not the best solution at times like this. […]

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Are you fat for the wrong reason?

It has been known for some time that it is not always food that makes us fat. The following link is worth reading. Dehydration plays it part.

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Programmed Expressive Traits – PET

When we have an accident or do something “wrong” a series of connections are made and become interwoven into the event memory. These connections may involve the physical body, our emotions and the thoughts we had at the time. An injury could lead to muscle soreness, so we compensate and avoid the pain. This involves other muscles becoming overworked along […]

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Motivational Kinesiology Pain Correction

Pain is the bane of many peoples lives. While it can sometimes be easy to reduce pain when using techniques such as the MK Pain correction, life changes need to be implemented to lock in the changes.

Pain and inflammation are constant partners in crime. Pain is the result of an imbalance within the body’s systems. The pain increases the longer […]

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Motivational Kinesiology Level One Training

6th June

20 th June

Glasshouse Mountains Community Centre Glasshouse Mountains

9am -5pm

Cost $150

I am running to separate Level One courses this month. Come along and experience the magic of kinesiology

Course details here

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