When Being Called A Witch is a Positive

I have a client who has tread a very difficult path. The mental health system was not the best option for her and finally after reading Kissing the Black Dog  she contacted me.  Some people are fine with that system, it was not suitable for this incredible woman.

This amazing person went from being suicidal to getting back in the driver’s […]

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Motivational Kinesiology

The more i read on Yoga, ancient knowledge and the mystery schools the more it sounds like the concepts behind Motivational Kinesiology. I guess common sense is ageless. Created in 1997 Motivational Kinesiology helps to get to the core of many issues and resolve them. It also helps people become aware of their unwillingness to change and the many hidden […]

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Motivational Kinesiology – Making the Difference.

A short visual about Motivational Kinesiology.  Click on the image above or the link tot he left. Enjoy

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Deep Listening – Trust your Intuition

Helping people reduce stress takes me into many hidden areas of their lives. So many people have been abused, i don’t refer only to sexual abuse. We need to address the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual abuse many young people are exposed to at an age they are incapable of fully dealing with. Some rise above it, some sink to […]

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Water – A Matter of Life and Death

A friend’s mother came to stay from overseas. Within a day of arriving she was in hospital and moving close to death.

A week later the family were called and flew in to be with their soon to pass mother. It was a difficult time for all. She was old and dying in another country.

I quietly took the doctor aside and asked him […]

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Motivational Kinesiology – The Power of the Modality

I love when my clients teach me a trick or two. Every now and again someone will book in for an appointment and afterwards even i stand in amazement of their journey. I have met clients who when we have worked together have confided the session was equal to three years of psychiatry.

Other clients who after fifteen years have reported […]

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Posture and Pain – Motivational Kinesiology

Motivational Kinesiology is a wonderful tool for working with postural realignment and reducing pain. Manly times the two are links. Old injuries sometimes lead to postural changes via the proprioception system and become locked and held in place by muscle memory. Yes, muscles have a memory and any pain or injury can reduce our flexibility and muscle strength. Many people still limp […]

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Learning and Behavioural Issues – Motivational Kinesiology

Since beginning the process of developing Motivational Kinesiology in the early 1990’s there has a been a subtle undertone of addressing learning and behavioural issues. While many like to label, put people and “conditions” in boxes the aim of Motivational Kinesiology has been to rebalance the whole person.

From the procedures in MK Level One through to MK Level Four there […]

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Motivational Kinesiology Benefits

Motivational Kinesiology is a versatile technique helping people bring balance bank to their lives. Some of the benefits include:

aches & pains
recovery from sports injuries
sports performance
energy levels
enhanced performance
breathing more effectively
nutritional intake
recovery after illness or trauma
sensitivities, allergies and intolerances
improved co-ordination / integration
fertility & birthing problems
relationships & communication
vision & hearing
glandular & hormonal conditions
lymphatic drainage
integrating mind/body/spirit
digestive problems
fatigue (including chronic fatigue)
headaches / migraines
confidence / assurance
reduce toxicity
success and achieving your goals
reaching […]

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Can Motivational Kinesiology change Oxygen Levels in Our Blood

Teaching a Level One Motivational Kinesiology course i had a registered EEN (Nurse) in attendance. As we did the oxygenation correction she measured the oxygen levels, before, immediately after and ten minutes later

My readings were;


Oxygen 96
Pulse 80

Immediately after correction

Oxygen 99
Pulse 88

Ten Minutes Later

Oxygen 99
Pulse 75

One participant had a starting oxygen level of 88 and pulse of 69. After the correction […]

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