What is your WHY?

Many people are more than content to pass through life severing considering the BIG questions, Others spend their lives looking for the meaning behind the meaning of their lives. The pursuit of understanding is a deep mysterious rabbit hole with many dead ends. Much of the knowledge is of an intellectual orientation, without true life experience to validate it.

I sat […]

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When Things Go Wrong

Life has a funny way of challenging us to grow, to toughen up and deal with the challenges and blocks that stop our forward movement. The real truth is it is our own false beliefs and limitations that hinder our potential to succeed. All those little set backs, all the negative reinforcement from others we take to be true are […]

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The Lies That Bind

Lies is a small word that brings about some pretty Big reactions. We all engage in the Art of Deception for a multitude of reasons, the most common is to avoid getting in trouble or dealing with other people’s reaction – sometimes violent.

Everyone knows that politicians are bent, bankers are criminals, the list goes on. But what about us? What […]

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Recognition – The Art of Praise

Click to watch this amazing 12 yer old sing

Why is it we find it easier to put people down than build them up? Recognition or praise is a gift, an appreciation that everyone offers something to the world.

In the video attached watch the 12 year old girl got when she reserves a standing ovation for her song. How would have […]

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Discipline, Focus or Willpower

Most people who study or research success or personal  growth soon discover the power of discipline to be one of the key contributing factors. The power of follow through, the commitment to staying the distance is a key driver for those who rise to the top of their profession or sport, or achieve the level of personal growth that they aspire to. […]

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Failure is an opportunity to discover your truth. Insights for Entrepreneurs.

A recent article (A good case against entrepreneurship – Willem Gous) mentioned nine out of ten entrepreneurs and start ups fail.

Sit with those figures for a moment.

If you are a betting person they are not good odds. If you were in battle, that is a ninety percent kill rate of your troops.

Even with this outrageously insane failure rate newbies are […]

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Thriving in 2017 Part 2

Last week I covered the importance of oxygen and breathing. See previous post

This week I cover another ingredient to wellness.


Water is more important than food. The body is a hydro- electric system. We need to not only drink plenty of clean energised water, it is more important to absorb it. Public water is loaded with toxins. Respected scientific publications now report fluoride is a neuro-toxin. It must be […]

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Thriving in 2017

Another year is behind us, a new one beginning. Opportunities and threats will arise in the coming year. There are some decisions we can make to advance our cause, and some things that we have no control over.

The illusionary financial system and its layers upon layers of lies and mistruths is a house of cards that will fall, the when is the […]

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Is Your Life Governed by Concepts

We tend the view the world through our left brain filters, the home of logic. Since the time of Descarte’s battle to wrench power from the church we have lived in a schism. In trying to free up access to information and human evolution (or advancement for the creationists) we have become out of balance with an over focus on […]

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What is your Mission (on Earth)?

When helping people identify their goal or mission I find it useful to frame the questioning many different ways. Using terms or phases not normally applied by the person or organisation tends to have them confront the issue from other angles. It’s a form of brain play that can bring an alternate way of looking for the end result. The […]

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