Simply Love It and MK in action.

The last few weeks i have been off colour and like most of us, continued pushing. Sunday afternoon lying in the emergency ward of the hospital my body had pushed back and won the bout.

After a clean bill of health and all my symptoms intact, i was released and given a few days to recover.

The healing process began:

Water – increased. […]

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Simply Love It

After many years working with people some simple truths became obvious.

Few people value or appreciate their own talents.
Few people know how to think for themselves creatively.
Few people are willing to deal with the real life issues, instead they prefer to take drugs or hand their power over to the big Pharmaceutical Companies.
Few understand the power of their emotions in their illness […]

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Fear – The Great Leveller.

It is our fears that control our lives, fear that blocks our creativity and closes our hearts to to the great love that permeates the universes.

Fear, that invisible, intangible expression of our lowest manifestation of our humanness. The power to focus us on what we do not want, connect with our separateness from all that is.  The limitations we set […]

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I Don’t Know

These three simply words, I Don’t Know are the most toxic, damaging and dangerous words in the English language.  I do not believe this in an overstatement of the fact.

We say these words so often with no concept of what we are hardwiring into our nervous system. These three words are the most powerful way to dumb ourselves down. We […]

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Love Getting Angry

I saw this online line today and could not let it pass. What a load of nonsense. Anger not expressed is toxic, the caustic damage it does to the body/mind has no equal. Unexpressed anger is linked with cancer and depression and a host of other diseases.
I had a client today, an older man  who had so much bottled up […]

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Emmett Fox’s View on Love

Reposting this with a pdf., attached. Hope you enjoy and possibly agree with his view.
enough love

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Roar like a mouse

A thought for the day.

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Love and Relationships

Our relationships are a wonderful way to expose our beliefs and attitudes about love and fear. Most of our interactions have more fear than love. We think and feel we love another people until they stop doing what we want then the fall out of love or stop seeing the best in them.

When we are in love we are sometimes […]

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