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How to remove fluoride from your body

Came across this little piece in an article on removing Flouride from your water.

How to remove fluoride from your body
Magnesium follows a similar absorption path as fluoride. According to a study by the American Institute of Nutrition, a diet low in magnesium results in a higher concentration of fluoride in the bones – and likely elsewhere. The study concluded: “In […]

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25 Things I Have Learned About Water

Sitting having breakfast at Esk this morning i was reviewing some of things i have been learning about water as i am researching for my next book. Thought i would share a few.

Water is the base of nearly, if not all functions within our body       Water has a structure which can neutralise toxins
Water creates electricity in the body
Water […]

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Healthy Water

The first part of the above video is from the movie What the Beep Do We Know!

I talk a lot about the health benefits of water in my current book Kissing the Black Dog. It seems as a society we under estimate or even worse have no understanding of the real value of water. Multinationals like coke and Pepsi do, […]

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The Importance of Hydration.

Working on a new book on hydration and water my head is full of exciting new information about water, energy and health.
Water is not the simple solvent we use to clean pour dishes and flush our toilets.  It truly is amazing in the depth and breath of the benefits it brings to humanity and the workings of the planet.
Teaching an […]

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Water – Liquid Energy

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

The last couple of weeks i have been delving deeper into the energy aspects of water. Like most things on this planet we are only just beginning to become aware of the deeper and more interconnected aspects of life.

Descarte was […]

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The Magic of Water

The more i study water the more truly fascinating it becomes, what we take for granted really is the exilic of life. In expensive, readily available for most people it is so easy to overlook the truly key role water plays in our lives.

Below are some highlights from material i have been researching on the health benefits of water:

Water is […]

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New Research on Water

This information is so important i had to share it. If you have read Kissing the Black Dog it will become apparent this process may be occurring with alkalising our water and spending time in the sun. This changes much of what i learned about water.  
The Fourth Phase of Water – What You Don’t Know About Water, and Really […]

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What do Slow Breathing and Mineralized Water Have in Common?


 Magnesium and water are two issues covered in Kissing the Black Dog. Thought i would share this information i received in an email today.  Magnesium is useful for depression, anxiety, heat conditions and helping us relax according to research and backed up here by Dr. Sircus

This is an extract from an email update by Dr Marc Sircus.

The ideal water is alkaline because it is rich in magnesium […]

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More about Water

It is simply a case most people do not consider they are dehydrated or they think they do not need to drink water. Most mistake other beverages as water and are shocked when they discover the truth.  We loose water through ordinary bodily functions and carrying a fashionable water bottle does not constituent drinking enough water on a daily basis.

Some […]

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Spiritual Growth and Water

Could your spiritual development be hampered by our earthly actions?

A one percent reduction of water can effect the brain ability to process information. The heart is probably affected before the brain as it has higher priority.  Something as simple as drinking coffee or tea or even the healthy options of juices may be limiting our personal development. Not having enough […]

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