At the turn of the 20th Century the Aristotle/ Newton/ Descarte mechanistic world view took a sword to the heart. Quantum Physics stepped onto the world stage and so began the re-awakening. Researchers are discovering what was already known by advanced civilisations from the past.

Depression and anxiety treatment is caught in this global thought side alley. Reducing a problem into smaller and smaller unrelated segments has it’s limitations.

When the wholistic, Quantum view is taken to any issue, many more options and contributing factors come into play in the arena, mislabelled “Mental Health“. All forms of illness have a physical,mental, emotional and spiritual aspect. Depression for example can be connected with dehydration, an unhealthy acid forming diet, negative hateful thoughts and feelings.  Lack of oxygen plays to part.

Epigenetic’s shows us that the environment affects gene expression. From the wholistic viewpoint the health and operation of a properly functioning body and immune system has a wide ranging effect on all areas of our life including the brain. It continues to surprise me how many people treat the brain as if it is dissociated from the body and somehow survives in it’s own little cocoon.

Inflammation is connected with depression and anxiety. It is associated with an over acidic body and a positive voltage buildup as well as a lack of correct hydration.

Drink alkalising energised water ( not all waters are not healthy and beneficial), increases the flow of electrons by earthing or the use of ionisers and time in the sun and in nature. Dr Gerald Pollack has “discovered the forth stage of water, yet 32 stages have been described in the past.

To improve depression, anxiety and similar issues that affect your mental processing, work towards improving the health of your body. By that I’m not talking about gyms and the ‘healthy” body image. I mean REAL health, being hydrated, having  healthy oxygen absorption and bringing the body’s pH, alkaline/acid balance back to it’s correct settings.

Gratitude and optimism are key players in turning depression into enthusiasm. It may mean taking baby steps, finding a slightly better feeling and then another until you have climbed the ladder out of the hole and back into a wholistic lifestyle.

Depression and anxiety tend to be lifestyle issues and sometimes they come from the lifestyles of those around us, family, friends, work colleagues. We are all sponges absorbing knowledge and being influenced by our environment. Our mental health can come from these outside sources.

Sugar is acid forming and as addictive as heroin. Coffee is acid forming  and dehydrates the brain. Alcohol forms acid and dehydrates the brain. Food can dehydrate and make the body acid. Most people have lost the thirst mechanism, replacing it with the hunger mechanism. We eat more that we need and drink less than we should.

Life’s priorities are: oxygen (4 minutes before problems) – water (4 days before problems) – food ( 40 days before problems). Most people can go days without quality water and hours without food. It is backwards. In fact the more I research the more I appreciate that we live our lives backwards.

Aristotle, Newton and Descarte all missed the boat and took the whole world, with the unseen hand of the Roman Church down an evolutionary dead end that so few are willing to understand and change.  Adapt or die, that is our choice. Continue the misadventure of the western scientific ego or wise up the to way the world really works.

To bring change we must first admit their is a better way,

a solution that works to improve us, not enslave us. 

Depression, anxiety and the other “mental” conditions can be better health with, your health and happiness can improve, once we take a wider view and join the dots.