So many people are on anti-depessants which treat symptoms not causes. Research shows depression and it’s mate, anxiety both have their roots in an unhealthy body and negative thinking. Many sufferers like to blame a myriad of other issues, instead of improving their health and changing their thinking.

As a society we have become soft and unwilling to step out of our comfort zones, it is far easier to take pills, feel sorry for ourselves and continue feeling powerless. There must be payoffs for living this way.

What does it get us out of?

How does it help us avoid doing what is needed?

So many of us have chosen lives of quiet desperation, holding onto what we do not like in our lives. We are afraid, another word for powerless, victims, prisoners in the gaols we built for ourselves.

Are you stuck in a relationship, job, situation you hate?

What are you doing to your mind?

Self punishment does not fix the problem, it only makes it worse, drug abuse is rampart, illegal and legal. We try and suppress the pain, hoping it will go away. It becomes comfortable, the easy way out. It is a downhill ride on this track, one more step towards our own self induced hell on earth. At least our drug of choice numbs the pain.

We have control over our feelings and thoughts, we can choose a different path. Feeling powerful or empowered is no different to feeling disempowered or powerless. Both are a choice, both take action to manifest. For some unknown reason some  humans look for the negative in most things, we blame the media for all the terrible stories they report. We, the viewing/reading audience control what they publish with our buying choices. Again few take the time to understand the control we as a society have over business, government and religion. By our own choices we enslave ourselves and our children’s children by the simple act of abdication of our responsibilities.

To be irresponsible is to be powerless, to be responsible, powerful. Right now, on this exact moment we could all leave powerless behind and step into a state of grace, a position of power. All we need to do is change the way we think and feel. It is not as difficult as we may think.

Success is only a decision away

The artificial belief that we are powerless is a myth, one we have nurtured, cultured and identified with for many generations. Our parents taught us, as their parents, parents, parents taught them.

On the physical level it is now well known that rehydrating the body with healthy water, balancing the pH and increasing the distribution of oxygen in the body improvers the health of our bodies.

Gratitude is the fastest way to shift your Stinking Thinking.  The closer we are to depression/anxiety the longer the journey back to health. It is well researched that using anger in a constructive way will shift the feelings of depression/anxiety. In my clinic and in some lectures I show people how to use anger in a positive way to identify what they want.

Being powerless is an option, preferably one we do not choose. Kissing the Black Dog covers a wide range of topics that can move us from a state of dis-empowerment to one of feeling empowered.

Learn to reach for an emotion higher than the one you are currently feeling, keep moving up the ladder until Joy, Happiness and love is the way you live your life.