The skills acquired in our Motivational Kinesiology workshops can benefit you in everyday life or compliment any modality you already or plan to work with. They allow versatility & may be used with or without muscle monitoring. 

The Motivational Kinesiology workshops came about from our desire to share acquired skills combining the versatility of Kinesiology with the effectiveness of Motivational skills and techniques.

Kinesiology, “the science of the mechanics of motion”, gives us tools to accurately identify a person’s specific blocks or imbalances. Motivational techniques helps people get what they want by unblocking the underlying “mind sets” or limiting beliefs.

From our clinical & teaching experience we soon found that the simpler the procedure, the easier it was to apply & the more effective the corrections appeared to be. These procedures could then be passed on to clients or friends & family, to be applied in their own lives as reinforcement, with very positive results.

This workshop will add to your range of skills. Those familiar with Kinesiology will benefit from the ease of use of the correction. Other practitioners will acquire tools to enhance their work. Those learning for their own interest will be able to use this information to their advantage for on-going well being.

Muscle monitoring is the basis for identifying imbalances in the body’s electromagnetic system. Once any underlying blocks are identified, the simple correction taught in this workshop will assist to release these old patterns, enabling a person to move on.

We have had a lot of feedback from people, who use different techniques, about the speed at which, when using the skills taught in our Motivational Kinesiology workshops, they are able to assist their clients or friends.

Reiki students & practitioners especially, have commented on the amount of healing they are able to do, by combining the two together.

The information presented in these workshops gives you the tools to integrate the many areas of study or experience you have, into an easy-to-use form of healing. They have been set up in modules for ease of learning & integration. Each level builds on & enhances the other.

Throughout them all, emphasis is put on the importance of always working with people, not on them. It is easy to become so caught up with technique, the person on the table is forgotten. They are our most valuable resource for providing information. We encourage effective listening & questioning at all times.

Mk comprises 4 levels;

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Level Four

At the end of Level Four a Certificate of Attendance is issued.

Email for further details, costs and next course dates.

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