The more i read on Yoga, ancient knowledge and the mystery schools the more it sounds like the concepts behind Motivational Kinesiology. I guess common sense is ageless. Created in 1997 Motivational Kinesiology helps to get to the core of many issues and resolve them. It also helps people become aware of their unwillingness to change and the many hidden programmes used to stop themselves healing. Once discovered it is up to the person to decide to heal or stay stuck. It really is their choice. Some people let fear control their lives and they choose to stay stuck, but at least they know they have made the decision. How do I know, people have told me that will not come to me because they know their little secret will be uncovered. We all carry wounds from the past, is it time to let them heal and find joy and happiness now??

Motivational Kinesiology works on correcting the basics and having the body function properly – oxygenation/breathing, ionisation, water/hydration while clearing unresolved emotional and mental stress. Mk works with you as a whole person taking into consideration the mind/body/spirit interconnection.

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