With the aid of modern technology it is possible to work with clients anywhere.

Private consultations are available in person or from wherever you are in the world.

Each consultation is tailored to the clients needs, the aim is to find the best solution to each issue that is being presented, whether that is a health problem with a client or changing the internal dynamics of a corporation.

Simply Love It Session.

This is based on effective questioning and is a powerful tool to unlock deeply held negative programming and creating a fun more joyous set of core beliefs. This is highly challenging for some and at times facing our demons head on  seems just to hard. Yet watching them  shrivel into insignificance, can bring a clients to tears of joy. Simple Love It is  a combination of logical questioning and intuition to help unlock the issue and then create the solution. Having someone skilled in knowing the difference between Love and Fear Logic assists to fast track the process.

Simply Love It works one on one, with groups or large organisations.

Not ’til we are sick of our sickness shall we cease to be sick – Lao Tzu
Motivational Kinesiology Session.
In a consultation an MK practitioner works with the person to identify the issues blocking integration. With muscle monitoring we are able to find the best solution for each imbalance. This may require physical, mental, emotional or spiritual integration in a specific area of the body or as a general correction. An experienced MK practitioner can use surrogate testing to offer consultations over the phone or by email. Many of my clients are opting to work this way esp. those overseas or interstate. Consultations are now available over the internet using Skype. MK works with you to turn problems into opportunities by working with you to discover your natural ability to succeed. This is different to many other approachs. With MK we work to assist you to discover that within you is the solution to any of your life’s problems or issues. Many people just want to be fixed and not take responsibility for recognising their own magnificent abilities. By working with you, an MK practitioner will assist you to draw out our own natural problem solving skills so in the future when problem arises you can work it out or recognise you need assistance. If we were to work on you ever time there was a problem you would turn to an outside authority, never recognising your own natural problem solving abilities. The difference between working with you and working on you is subtle, yet profound. One empowers, one disempowers What do you choose?
Everyone is unique and will integrate in the way that best suits them.

Physical factors such as:

are addressed where necessary along with any unresolved emotional or mental stress. By dealing with the whole person and not the sum of their symptoms we can offer the appropriate solution. The solution is usually common sense and calls for minor lifestyle changes, e.g., drink more water, breathe more effectively, change from negative to affirmative thinking. We may even ask people to start liking themselves. Unwillingness or psychological reversal can be a key issue. We say we want to be well but” we would have to give up the attention, love, pay off, rewards, etc. Correcting this integrates many areas of ones life. This in fact is the key factor in many people turning their lives around. Self-esteem is a major issue. Abuse and criticism from parents, teachers, friends or family over time, has a multiplying affect. (Visit any supermarket & you usually will see child abuse, verbal, emotional & sometimes physical). One child we worked with was having behavioural problems. The child’s father referred to his son as “it”, 25 times in 5 minutes. When this was pointed out to the father he firmly denied doing so. The body has the ability to remember and diffusing  “negative memory” one can regain integration.

Once we know how to maintain integration, we allow change. Blocks that once seemed insurmountable become windows of opportunity. We take charge of any limitations ruling us, by becoming the masters of our own destiny.

MK turns problems into opportunities by working with you to discover your natural ability to heal or succeed

Why Are We The Best?

To bring about Global change by bringing you into your power.
We are all a genius at something.
We are here to assist you to your greatness.

Motivational Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a powerful tool for releasing physical/ emotional or mental blocks from the body/mind. It is outstanding for assisting physical issues and reducing pain.


Simply Love It

This technique can quickly locate the core issues that are holding you back and help create a positive inspired solution that helps you move forward.

Your Opportunity

Let us assist you to be who you really can be

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