Click to watch this amazing 12 yer old sing

Why is it we find it easier to put people down than build them up? Recognition or praise is a gift, an appreciation that everyone offers something to the world.

In the video attached watch the 12 year old girl got when she reserves a standing ovation for her song. How would have have felt if that was you? How empowered do you think that makes someone?

Recognition has the power to change lives, to bring out the best in others. Instead of picking what is wrong maybe it is rime we all took a maturity oil and began to looks for what’s right in the world. Instead of critiquing the media and negative journalism be grateful you have not suck that low. Recognition of what is wrong in the world helps us do what is right.

Children need real praise, real recognition, it is the hand up so that don’t turn out like the mindless mob that proceeded them. Do something magnificent with your life, practice recognition, find something to help a [person up and not step on their dreams.