After many years working with people some simple truths became obvious.

  • Few people value or appreciate their own talents.
  • Few people know how to think for themselves creatively.
  • Few people are willing to deal with the real life issues, instead they prefer to take drugs or hand their power over to the big Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Few understand the power of their emotions in their illness and their healing.
  • Few use the Law of Attraction to their full constructive advantage.

There is a simple truth that permeates all life, it is the language of life itself. It shows us on a daily basis what is the right path for us to follow to express our own unique individuality during our short sojourn on this planet.

It is so simple, yet so profoundly life changing, it is the magic that makes dreams come true. Every great philosophy, great religion and teachings refer to it. Yet no one seems to listen, no one opens their eyes to the wondrous truth.   We talk about it, sing about, write poetry to it’s honour. It is the underlying theme in most books and movies. Like a great secret it is hidden in open view, all see it yet fail to acknowledge it.

Imagine having a tool to unlock our deepest fears or passions, our greatest challenges and terrifying demons and channel them into a life enhancing power that brings us closer to our true selves. A technique so simple all we needed to do is admit what our inner negative master is and transmute it into the most powerful weapon for change.

That is exactly what the  Simply Love It method does. We help others to identify their deep dark shadow self and Simply Love It.

Lets say, for example,  we have a fear about relationships and think we are unlovable. The act of saying, with emotion, I love feeling unlovable shifts the energy from one of fear to one of love. The massive investment in the negative emotional bank account is shifted with the addition of these simple words, I Love  into our Love Bank account . Our internal defence system identifies with the negative core belief  and is tricked by the preceding I love into investing the energy into the positive account.

What we do is use the accumulated energy of the negative programme and add I love to it. Energy is energy and it goes where it is directed. Clients usually need some gentle persuasion to make the first steps towards change. Many are terrified of their inner demons and removing it’s power seems unimaginable.

Once the process begins it is amazing to watch people change and sometimes end up in fits of laughter.

Research is constantly pointing to life being comprised of vibrations and frequencies, Science regularly reinforces Nothing is Real. Matter is compressed energy, our thoughts and  limiting beliefs seem real they are kept in existence because we continue to unwittingly feed and support the old patterning. Changing from the vibration of fear to the higher frequencies of love changes everything.

Try it yourself, spend a whole day simply loving everything. Love the good stuff, love the bad stuff, and the ugly stuff. Play with loving everything, being caught in traffic, being next to that person you dislike. Love it all, warts and all. See how you go.

Appointments are available in our clinic, or other locations or over the internet or phone if required.

Change can be as simple as just loving the situation, instead of investing in hating it.

 All greatness is built on something simple.