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Kissing the Black Dog, can help with solving our pain and suffering related to depression, anxiety or stress related conditions. Water, pH, oxygen, things that may not have been considered important are covered. It is guide, a road map out of the darkness and into a better place. It is the tip of the tip of the iceberg, the door opener, to help us all choose a different path, and focus our attention on what makes us feel good, feel empowered and learn from the Masters who have gone before.

Take each subject and study it deeply, research and explore the topics covered and take back control, and lead the life we wish to experience. If this book changes one person’s life it has been worth the time and effort.

Enjoy the journey back home, back to the greatness that hides inside, eager to be expressed.

‘This book is like gold. It guided me on how I could improve my healthy lifestyle such as drinking alkaline water and eating more alkaline foods. As Wayne says ‘an alkaline body is a healthy body’. It also reaffirmed my lifetime commitment to wellness where I have always sought regular medical advice as well as worked with natural therapists to enable me to be in control of my own body. Now, with Kissing the Black Dog, it gives me even more insight to mind, body and soul – which are all interconnected’

Shelley Armstrong – Brisbane – Australia


‘Reading the first page, I was in tears. I’m thinking, or maybe i should say, I’m feeling and resonating with your written words’.

Lynda Crossett – Cairns – Australia 


This book is professionally informative and sprinkled with lighthearted understanding. Though this book is primarily about illness, I enjoyed reading it, and being reminded of the simple remedies which help make one remain healthy’.

Lee Lawrence – Caloundra – Australia


It was lovely to meet you the other night at the QUT Art Museum exhibition. You were so generous with your conversation and sharing your book with me. I have begun reading your words and am thoroughly enjoying it as well as finding myself actively drinking more water and reaping the benefits.

Thanks again. – it’s funny, I really needed that conversation that night.

Jenna Green – Brisbane  – Australia 


Highly highly recommend this book. Wayne has life experience and skills that WILL help you to achieve better results in your life. Had the absolute pleasure of meeting him on the Sunny Coast and the hour spent was truly incredible. Resolved the issue with my bro plus some personal “stuff” ….sooo Singing the Praises of this Book

Jennifer Worrall – Gold Coast – Australia


In a world that is becoming more toxic with each pasting year maintaining good health is not always easy. This book contains concise and relevant information in a format that is easy to read. It is divided into two main sections, the tangible which deals with the physical and biochemical aspects and the intangible – the mental, emotional and spiritual issues that relate to  keeping healthy. The excellent layouts interspaced with many sayings and quotations that enhance the written information and facts. Even if one was to address the basic elements of hydration and acid/alkaline balance as a starting point positive changes would occur. This book merits a wide audience of readers.

Eric Jones – Educator and Naturopath – Caloundra – Australia


This little gem is profoundly encouraging and uplifting and full of positive ways to help overcome times of “Black Dog” Wayne’s unique personal “art” of being a lifestyle consultant, along with his many professional achievements of working with people, has found numerous ways to “Kiss The Black Dog” and to face it head on.  Not to avoid,  but to conquer our fears and self doubt, and to move to a healthier space where ultimately it is the “heart” that is our most dynamic force, and in wisdom and love gives us strength to heal and to be healed.

Elizabeth Phillips – Sunshine Coast  – Australia


I don’t usually read Self Help books but this one is a must 

Fiona Ilreavy – Buderim Rare Books – Sunshine Coast – Australia


I love it!!!! I love how it makes me think about what I have been doing, and how it changes what I thought I knew.

Anna McKendry – Author –  The Art of Illumination – Buladelah – NSW


This is such a good little workbook 

Judy Jones – Kingaroy – Qld


Started reading this book with some hope of learning some coping skills when life gets tough. Once started, I couldn’t put the book down. So very interesting with obviously so much detailed and documented research done by the author, which reflects in the wealth of information page after page. This topic is sensitively covered in such a meaningful and sincerely caring way, that it captivated me from beginning to end. Having read the book more than once, illustrates to me, that there is so much information to learn and build on. It really needs to be handy for those “times of need” Great well written book by an energetic and compassionate person who is dedicated to getting the facts right. Thanks very much again Wayne for your highly researched and well written book. It will help so many people.

Todd Turner-Sow -Sydney – NSW


Thank you Wayne -your book has blown me away – it has turned a light on & given hope for a new direction

Maggie S – Caloundra -Qld


Wow Wayne, just finished my second reading of Kissing the Black Dog, and am wondering how you fit so much into 144 pages?

Mike Ginther – USA (


Contents and Subjects covered:

The Tangible





Integrated Movement


The Gut/Brain Connection




Acid/Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Food Chart

Acid Food Chart

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

Geopathic Stress


The Intangible

Headspace to Heartspace



Law of Attraction









Negative Thinking




Feel Good Now

The Sacred Marriage

I would like to share a story

To Do List

Reading List

My Journey