Lies is a small word that brings about some pretty Big reactions. We all engage in the Art of Deception for a multitude of reasons, the most common is to avoid getting in trouble or dealing with other people’s reaction – sometimes violent.

Everyone knows that politicians are bent, bankers are criminals, the list goes on. But what about us? What little porky pies do we tell to keep peace and harmony in our own lives or avoid responsibility?

A lie, is a lie, is a lie. There is no way around it, we are misappropriating the truth – a highly refined deceptive science practiced by con artists, marketing and sales people. Once we deviate from the truth it can be difficult to find our way back.

We sing the praises of Truth, yet are quick to attack those who uncover deception, either those close to us  or your amazing heroes who come out and expose corruption and deception on a grander scale.

Being truthful takes patience, courage and a steadfast self belief to whether the onslaught of negativity that will be directed their way.

I have told people for a long time to begin with being honest and truthful to themselves and in time it will be harder to try and deceive others.