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This week I cover another ingredient to wellness.


Water is more important than food. The body is a hydro- electric system. We need to not only drink plenty of clean energised water, it is more important to absorb it. Public water is loaded with toxins. Respected scientific publications now report fluoride is a neuro-toxin. It must be avoided. If you believe flouride good for your teeth take tablets, but do diligent the research first.

A fair guide to eater consumption is 2 litres for an average person doing indoors work at a desk. The more active you are, the more time outdoors, the more water may be required. Remember air conditioning dehydrates you.

Drink at least a 200ml glass of water per hour minimum and it is OK to take the whole hour to drink it. Every forth glass take a little quality mineral rich salt to help the water be absorbed into your cells. Many people are cellularly dehydrated even with the amount of water they drink.

Alkaline water is better than acid water as long as it contains minerals. Not everything that is labelled alkaline can alkalise the body. Reverse osmosis and distilled water can be useful in critical health conditions. Over the longer period they may leach our minerals, leading to major health problems.

Water is used a wide variety of ways within the body, from lubricating joints to protecting the digestive system from conditions such as Irritable Bowel and many of the other digestive conditions. Even Gluten Intolerance may have it’s seeds in a dehydrated mucus lining of the digestive system It keeps the brain operating at a high level and symptoms of dehydration can include depression, anxiety along with behavioural issues such as ADD and ADHD.

Water is the best skin product on the market and only water hydrates – everything else, other than mineral salts, is marketing BS.

Most beverages such as juices, soft drinks, tea and coffee dehydrate, the fix you think you need in the morning is reducing your bodies reserves of usable water. Even concentrated fruit juices are not always hydrating. Eat real fruit and skip the juices, your body will thank you. A point often overlooked with most juices is that they are high in sugar (acid forming) and low in fibre. It is the fibre that slows the sugar release.

Filtering water is nearly aways helpful to reduce the toxin load on the body. Vortexing restructures the water molecules and improved it’s absorbability. Do the research, do your due diligence and read Your Body’s Many Cries For Water: F. Batmanghelidj M.D

Adding a water vortex device to the water inlet can improve water quality in the whole house and enhance the water filtering system you are using.

We live four minutes without Oxygen, Four Days with Water and Forty Days without food. Please consider.

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