Another year is behind us, a new one beginning. Opportunities and threats will arise in the coming year. There are some decisions we can make to advance our cause, and some things that we have no control over.

The illusionary financial system and its layers upon layers of lies and mistruths is a house of cards that will fall, the when is the only variable. Those with enough financial intelligence will time it right. The rest may be wiped out or left a lot poorer. I can not give you advice on this.

The earth is changing, more earthquakes, more strange weather. Only your own intuition will have you in the right place at the right time. I have no crystal ball.

Government and corporate corruption will at some point force people to act, the when is again the only variable. I have no inside scoop.

None of the above are within my sphere of influence as far as I know. What I can offer is some simple strategies to keep you alive longer, support your healthy, happy lifestyles and hopefully keep your radar fine-tuned to the winds of change.

There is a strong correlation between Oxygenation, Ionisation and Hydration and being in an Attitude of Gratitude.

The basics of health are normally overlooked or considered quaint alternate views. We no longer can afford this arrogant, illiterate delusion. Health, and in many ways, your wealth depend on a couple of very basic foundational principles.

These are:

Oxygenation. The correct usage and flow of oxygen within our bodies maintains our survival and ability to thrive. Lets not underplay this. All the fancy Artificial Intelligence and its associated machines can not support an oxygen-starved body for long. Many diseases flourish in an oxygen-starved environment, as the Nobel Prize winning Dr. Otto Warburg confirmed.

Oxygen can heal us or kill us, it all depends how and where it is used. Positive charged oxygen molecules are electron scavengers or oxidants. Negative charged electron rich oxygen molecules are electron donors or reductants, sometimes referred to as anti-oxidant. (More on this in a coming article).

Learn to breath, learning to use breathing to relax and heal the body is a primary lesson for us all. Slow consistent conscious breathing will save your life. Take time to deep breathe into the upper and lower lungs. Shallow upper chest breathers as more prone to heart attacks. One of the reasons is the upper lungs activates the left logical brain. People usually shallow breathe because they are avoiding feeling uncomfortable emotions. They live in a fantasy-thinking world, devoid of the true emotional tapestry that enriches their lives. This leads to more stress and eventually damages the physical body.

The lower lungs activates the creative right brain and people breathing into the lower lungs tend to be over emotional and out of touch with their logic. When we deep breath we increase carbon dioxide levels, a factor that helps us take our next breath. Using the full capacity of our lungs brings the higher mind into play. Remember the brain is not the mind.

The rhythm of our breathing affects brain function, and any injury to the neck can block the movement in the occiput, the skull and in the rest of the spine.

The body’s ability to carry oxygen is governed by the pH or our acid/alkaline levels. The closer we are to the correct alkaline balance within our body the more oxygen we absorb and utilise. A high sugar diet increases the body’s acid load as does holding onto negative emotions such as anger, bitterness and resentment. 

Yoga is a great way to improve your breathing. Kinesiology practitioners have techniques that may also assist.

Motivational Kinesiology has a breathing and a oxygenation correction and also understands the brain/lung connection. Contact me for more information on how Motivational Kinesiology may assist you.

Brain damage begins after four minutes of oxygen starvation. and cancer grows in a low oxygen, high acid environment.

Kissing the Black Dog – Creative Solutions to Depression, Anxiety, Worry and Other Stress Conditions covers theses topics and more.

To be continued…