Many people are more than content to pass through life severing considering the BIG questions, Others spend their lives looking for the meaning behind the meaning of their lives. The pursuit of understanding is a deep mysterious rabbit hole with many dead ends. Much of the knowledge is of an intellectual orientation, without true life experience to validate it.

I sat back a little shocked the first time I heard what we seek is a feeling, it s not stuff, accolades, material stuff. What we are all seeking is the feeling that connects with something greater, something that fires our imagination or gives value to our earthy walk.

To put it simply our reason for living, our Why, is to Feel good now, then feel better. That feeling could be winning a gold medal, being the best parent, protecting the environment, building a business. There is no one size fits all. we are all driven by different needs and desires.

To find your Why can be an interesting adventure. Some people sit in meditation, some walk long journeys, such as the St James Way through Spain. Others get really, really angry and in the midst of their passion they ask the question, “What Do I want!” I have done this and the euphoria the next day was unexplainable.

One way many use is to buy a “special” book and write down every day with blue ink what they want or desire. When they review the list they go to the feeling place and this helps guide them in the right direction.