Life has a funny way of challenging us to grow, to toughen up and deal with the challenges and blocks that stop our forward movement. The real truth is it is our own false beliefs and limitations that hinder our potential to succeed. All those little set backs, all the negative reinforcement from others we take to be true are opportunities to grow.

I experienced this recently when a situation changed. I felt my energy drop, a feeling of loss, grief and hopelessness kicked in. I began to lack motivation and drive. Even though the situation was not what I really wanted the old negative patterns and beliefs began to take control.

I sat with the feelings as uncomfortable as they were and let each surface. Under each one I could see a deeper lie I had told myself, an untruth masquerading as facts. Feeling each emotion and negative thought allows a bigger picture to emerge. It was not so much what people, places or events had done to me, it was things were not fitting into place to make me feel good about myself. I was expecting something outside myself to make me feel good.

It does not work that way, our inner peace and harmony comes from within. The effort we put in to build a strong, positive, loving image of who we are and how we want to act and feel is totally up to us. We may not want to accept that and continue waiting for outside validation, but sooner or later we are going to have to take responsibility for ourselves and stop expecting something outside or us to do it for us.

I smiled as the old programmes became more obvious, instead of sinking deeper into “poor me” I could begin to see what needed to be healed within.

We are so much more than we can imagine, and at the right time each of us will begin to travel the road to uncover more of our potential.